Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs are products, but they’re not one-size-fits-all.

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It was early August. The webinar was entitled: the Impact of the Black Lives Matter Movement on the Workplace. I joined over 300 business leaders across industries and companies to hear a few sage speakers discuss this topic, eager to make sense of current events, and gather a few gems of wisdom on leading in these tumultuous times.

Ninety minutes in, I realized perhaps I wasn’t going to hear any earth-shattering insights.

But then… the white female moderator said this:

“…and, did you know that unconscious bias exists even when you least expect it? A study showed that when looking…

Why Americans are desensitized to White domestic terrorism — and what to do about it.

The color of anger dictates the reaction. Source: ABC News

Yesterday, enraged by the flagrant mistreatment of refugee children at the United States border, ten thousand Mexican-Americans gathered at the footsteps of the Capitol. After shouting matches with local law enforcement escalated, protests turned violent, and rioters forced their way past police barricades and broke into the Capitol building. Members of Congress hid under their desks as rioters ran free, breaking into offices and pose for pictures holding makeshift weaponry.

Um…Nope, that wasn’t it.

Earlier this week, disgusted by the lack of accountability for Jacob Blake’s shooting, five thousand Black men and women, calling themselves “Black Panthers Reborn,” marched up…

5 ways leaders can tackle tough topics and support equality in the workplace.

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It’s hard to believe it’s been over four months since George Floyd was murdered. And with our nation’s attention span bombarded by a truly bizarre, unprecedented news cycle, leaders may be distracted from the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, as Black people in the workplace, we don’t have the choice to put these human rights issues on the back burner. Whether we’re walking down the street, into an interview, driving on the highway — society reminds us and reinforces our “other”-ness through its actions.

In a recent meeting, I witnessed a white man call a more junior black colleague “hey…

5 signs it might be time to break up with your employer.

Are you single-handedly carrying the weight of anti-racism at your company? Photo by on

These days, every company is building a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program. But they’re not all .

Case in point: a close friend of mine is a leader at a startup founded by white men. The top ten executives are all white, and the top five are all white men. This is nothing new in the start-up world, but in an exciting twist of events, they were acquired by a company known for multi-cultural, global marketing.

So upon the recent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, the new parent company told her CEO: you gotta get your diversity…

Should the government intervene to put guardrails on the most lucrative American industry?

Calling all members of Congress, class is in session. Photo by on

Nothing in life is free.

If you’re an alum of tech giants like I am, the core message Netflix’s won’t be a surprise. The film illuminates what tech insiders already know: users are the product, and more specifically, manipulating users’ behavior to click, view, purchase, and engage is currently the most valuable product on earth. In fact, U.S. Tech stocks’ value the entire European stock market’s value, racking up a staggering $9 trillion in market cap.

Nothing in life is free and technology is no exception. Our actions online on so-called “free” platforms have a…

Send that email. Craft a text. Better yet, pick up the phone and call. It might change both of your lives.

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A surprise in my inbox

It was six weeks after George Floyd’s murder. I woke up groggily after a hazy night of nursing a two-month-old and sleeping in three-hour increments. Sleep, these days, was a rare blessing between the anxiety and cynicism I had about the world and the intense demands of caring for a small baby. It seemed like there was a more meaningful cultural awakening for Black human rights, but my skepticism was still on high alert. After years of watching the same horrifying script play on repeat, I wasn’t holding my breath.

Rolling out of bed, I saw an email notification on…

Max Joseph, DEI Program Manager at Google, has the answers.

Photo courtesy of Max Joseph.

This week I had an energizing conversation with , Diversity and Inclusion Marketing Program Manager. Max is a true marketer at heart — I loved some of his analogies in describing the D&I journey that companies, and marketers, are making in these historic times.

In the public sector, rules and regulations guide how governments hire external vendors. Many of these include goals around vendor diversity, to support Black-owned, veteran-owned, and other businesses owned by marginalized groups.

But in the private sector, those goals aren’t regulated. And while the fight rages on about how to pay employees fairly, with benefits…

Do You Give “Throwaway Feedback” to Your Black Colleagues?

What are you doing to empower her? Photo by on

I was twenty-six. It was the beginning of my second McKinsey consulting project ever, and my palms were practically sweating from impostor syndrome.

Our team was holed up in a stuffy board room in the middle of a humid D.C. summer, hunched over our laptops to put the perfect touches on a presentation for the global head of our practice before it went to the company’s CEO. My ten or so teammates were all white or Indian men wearing custom-fit suits and ties. …

Your company’s attitudes towards Black employees are causing them to leave.

Are you trying the same experiment on repeat, expecting different results? Photo by on

The definition of insanity.

“One of the biggest issues we have is our pipeline. We just can’t find enough diverse candidates.”

Can’t pin this quote down? That’s because it’s a go-to line that organizations use to wriggle their way out of accepting the glaringly obvious conclusion that any outsider can see: your workplace culture excludes and hurts minorities.

Here’s an analogy: I recently toured (pre-COVID, of course) the . The students and researchers spend hundreds of hours on iterations of polymers that will eventually create amazing new materials, like self-healing skin grafts. …

A conversation with Dr. Chelsea Johnson, Ph.D.

Dr. Chelsea Johnson

This week I zoomed with , who was looking especially radiant under the Pink Blossom Snap filter neither of us knew how to turn off (we both had a good laugh).

Dr. Johnson is a sociologist and researcher by training and a children’s book author. (If you haven’t picked up a copy, it’s a great primer on intersectionality with beautiful illustrations., Dottir Press, 2019.)

One of the things I aspire to learn is the precision with which sociologists choose their language. …

Erin Braddock Guthrie

Business leader. Black and multi-racial woman. Alum of top-tier tech and consulting firms—some I’m proud of, some not.

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